Beauty Gazette Avril 2018
Laurence Bacilieri
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Beauty Gazette Avril 2018

Popular K-beauty brand Dr. Jart+ has come out with this bright, bold and bizarre packaging for
their Shake and Shot Rubber Masks. Structurally, the packaging is shaped like a fountain soda
which makes for a unique collectible solution that is easily instagrammable, but one of the
more intriguing aspects of this packaging is the baby-like face that can be found at the top of
the cap.
“The rubber masks work much like the at-home versions we've seen before, but Dr. Jart+ has
made the treatments more user-friendly and less messy, thanks to the cup containers. The
cup's ‘straw,’ is in fact, not a straw at all, but rather a handy spatula used to mix part one, the
mask's base, with part two, the targeted ampoule. Unlike other rubber masks, which require
you to stir your concoction like a chemist (inevitably splashing formula on yourself in the
process), to activate Dr. Jart+ 's new masks, you place a finger over the cup's straw hole and
shake — like you're mixing a cocktail. The formula quickly congeals into the rubbery texture
you apply to your face.”
Just remember the masks aren't drip-proof, at least if you're an amateur when it comes to
application, but it's worth the dripping for the enjoyable cooling sensation on your face. Once
it dries, you peel it off (experts will do so in one full, and extremely satisfying piece) to reveal
glowing skin.

Choose between hydrating, firming, brightening, or soothing options — or you know, pick up
one of each. Each one-time-use treatment is $12.”

Dans le magazine, vous allez découvrir :

Aerin vient de lancer Rose Water Foaming Facial, Setting Mist Rose Day Lotion (pages

La Mer complete son rituel de nettoyage avec La Mer The Replenishing Oil Exfoliator
(pages 09/11). Sa formule d’une grande douceur détoxifie, affine le grain de la peau et diminue
rides et ridules.

La saga des lancements de masques continue avec des innovations packaging :

The Oozoo Face In Shot Mask et Face Energy Shot Mask (pages 23/24).

Sans oublier, Kiehl’s Instant Renewal Concentrate Mask (page 25).

Kiehl’s Ginger Leaf & Hibiscus Mask (pages 29/30).

Et bien d’autres surprises …

Nous vous souhaitons de profiter des ponts du mois de mai, et de la douceur de vivre.

Très cordialement,
Laurence Bacilieri

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